August 2, 2021

CBSE Academic Website :

CBSE has launched a new and latest website for the students and the teachers which goes by the web address of has a lot of new facilities for the students which will be helpful for their academic purposes. Apart from regular study material and help it also provides a platform for the students to participate in various quizzes & sports activity. Not only this, but it also lets the students participate in initiatives for social causes and keeps them in touch with not only studies but also with what’s happening around the world and how can they try to improve the world with their small acts.

Why is CBSE Academic Website Important?

The official website of CBSE is different from its academic website, the academic website is a subpart of the official website and is introduced mainly for the students. The website contains a lot of information that is vital for the students and for their all-round development.

The website contains various sections among which the circular for CBSE are the first thing that is useful, the circular is constantly updated and the new editions of the circular can be seen on the website. Along with the circular, the curriculum and other things such as skill development training, E-books, study material, CBSE sample papers for all classes and udaan a special project started by CBSE to ensure that all the girls in this nation get the education which they deserve.

You can check out the curriculum of CBSE by clicking in the link given below:

CBSE Curriculum For Academic Year 2021-22.

Features of CBSE Academic Website

The CBSE academic website is different from the official website of CBSE in many ways, it introduces the students with the latest information of any event and also various other things like study material and e-books. Below given is a list of all the important things that the students need to look out for in the website:

CBSE Circulars

The CBSE academic circulars contain all the information about every event, competition and important changes that are made in every month. The circular is a kind of time table about the various activities that are organised by CBSE board and how should each school implement it.

CBSE Circulars 2022


This tab button in the CBSE academic web page will contain the most useful information which will include e-books for all your subjects according to your syllabus, some study material, list of publication and annual report etc. The students can download these study materials from the website and use it for their studies, below is direct given which will take you directly to the publications page:

CBSE E-Books and Supportive Material

List of CBSE Priced Publications

Download CBSE Annual Report PDF


The curriculum of CBSE contains the information about the subjects both compulsory and electives available, the curriculum is generally divided into two sects. The first one is the secondary curriculum and the other one is the senior secondary curriculum. The secondary curriculum is for class IX and X, whereas the senior secondary curriculum is for class XI and XII. The link for the CBSE curriculum is given above in the article.

Training and Capacity Building Programmes

These programmes are made for giving the proper training to the teachers and the principles, this training will help them in becoming more efficient and will give them better knowledge. The main motive of these training programmes is to develop various qualities in the teachers and principles which are leadership skills, conflict resolution techniques, management values and ethics to the teachers and the headteachers. Click on the link below to check out the CBSE training programmes:

Training and Capacity Building Programmes by CBSE

Public Relations Unit

The main purpose of the public relations unit is that the students should feel that the things they study and the subjects they need to study are important and that it is pro students. It also provides the facility of counselling to the students who need help and also releases annual reports and press releases which provide a lot of knowledge to the students. Check out the link below:

CBSE Public Relations Unit.

Academic Results of CBSE

The website also provides the option to check the academic results on the website. It announces the result of all the academic competitions that the students have participated in. You can click on the link given below to get the CBSE result:

CBSE Academic Results.

CBSE Sample Question Papers

Sample question papers are very important and necessary for the students who are preparing for their exam, especially the students who will give their board exams soon. Sample papers are very important and by using this the result of the students will surely improve and they would be able to score better in their board as well as competitive exams. Below given are the links of the CBSE academic website where you will get the sample papers, and also a link where we provide our own sample papers please check them below:

CBSE Sample Question Papers by CBSE Academic

CBSE Class 10th Sample Papers

CBSE Class 12th Sample Papers

CBSE Class 10th Guess Papers 

CBSE Class 12th Guess Papers

Click on the above link and download the sample papers of CBSE for classes 10th and 12th. Along with the sample papers, it is also important to practice the guess papers and previous year papers too, doing this will make sure that you score good marks in your exams.

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