January 16, 2024

How to score good marks in board exam 2024 – Score more than 90%

How to score good marks in board exam 2024 – Score more than 90%: After extensive research and based on the data collected by the students and teachers, we’ve found out that the most common and genuine question asked by the aspirants of board exams was that how to score 90% in 12th board exams. You all might agree with the fact that it is easy to score 90+ on the 10th board, but much harder to do so for the 12th board exams. This is because of the vast and enlarged syllabus of class 12th, and for that, the students need to study a lot more than they have ever studied.

So a question that probably arises in everyone’s mind is How to really score 90% in boards, what to do, how much to study etc. or is it really possible for everyone to score 90% and above? It is really not possible for all, actually, it totally depends on the student. All the points that we will discuss later will guarantee 90% marks for your boards only and only if you take them seriously and work on them with proper dedication. It all depends on the hard work and smart work of a student, if you want to score well you have to work hard for it, as nothing comes easy.

Even 3 months before the exam, if you have all the notes perfectly prepared and you are ready to give your all for these 3 months, then you can surely score above 90%. All you need is yourself, and a little help from our key points. OK, so enough with all the talking, now let’s move on to discuss the 11 points that will help you in scoring 90% and above in your 12th board exams.

How to score good marks in the board exam 2024 – Class 10th 12th

Now we will talk about the points which will help you in scoring good marks only if you follow them with great enthusiasm and sincerity. Some of the board exam tips and tricks will also be discussed below, giving you an additional advantage for scoring good marks. These points have been formed after researching and talking with some of the students and teachers and by taking their reviews and help. So, now let’s go through these 11 points.

1. Compete With Yourself

To get forward and compete with others, you first have to learn to compete with yourself. Keep in mind that no matter what happens you have to score well in your exams and even better in the exams after that.

You basically have to analyze your performance in each term and score better in the next term’s exams. For example, if you scored 55% in your quarterly exams, then you have to make sure that you score at least 65% in your next term examination and so on.

This will boost up your self-confidence and make you believe that you can really score above 90 for your boards, and as you might have heard the saying “Believe and you are halfway there”. You have to keep in mind that you have to beat your previous score anyhow and keep on beating it forever.

2. Time Management

You might have heard it from your elders and almost everyone who doesn’t waste your time. You can utilize your time by dividing it in a proper way for everything, fixing your sleeping and waking time, and fixing time for each subject. Below are some points that will help you manage your time efficiently and perfectly.

  1. Decrease your sleeping time by 1 or 2 hours, a 7-hour nap for a day is good enough to function perfectly.
  2. Make a timetable for all the subjects and divide them accordingly for the whole day. The subjects which needs learning, like chemistry and biology etc. should be studied early in the morning and the subjects which needs numerical and derivation practice should be studied at other time, especially at night.
  3. If you are going for any type of coaching or tuition, then 3 months before the examination leave everything and depend solely on your self studies. You will do far better with self-study, rather than your coaching.
  4. Prepare perfect notes for each subject and after you are done studying the subject, just revise from these notes.
  5. Study your main subjects with proper timing and also don’t forget to study the scoring subjects like English and Hindi. These subjects will increase your percentage by a lot.
  6. Give yourself at least 8 hours a day for studying, this is the least you could do if you want the best result.

3. Solve Previous Year’s Papers

Solving previous year’s papers is very beneficial for all the students, as it covers a lot of things which will help you in scoring well. First of all, it will keep your rhythm in solving the paper with perfect accuracy and speed.

CBSE Class 10th Previous Year Paper

The other benefit it has is that most of the important questions are repeated almost every alternate year, so solving these papers will automatically give you an idea of which topics are important and which are not.

Sample papers are easily available on the Internet and won’t cost you much. Sample papers with solutions are also available, so first solve the paper on your own and then check the solutions and find your weak and strong points. Sample papers will help you a lot in scoring 90% in your board exams.

4. Work On Improving Your Weakness

You should never run away from your weaknesses, instead try to overcome and win over them. You just can’t declare yourself weak in any subject without even giving it a proper try.

What if for example a topic is very important and it is sure that there will be a 10-mark question from it? Then you can’t just leave it by saying that I’m weak in this and i won’t be able to do it. You will have to study it and perform well in it if you want to score 90% and above.

Here are some ways which will help you in overcoming your weakness:

  1. Challenge yourself by going for the toughest topics that you think about and try to solve or study them every day until you get perfect in them.
  2. Take note of all the mistakes that you make while studying these difficult topics and later try to improve on them.
  3. Talk to your teachers and friends if you are having difficulty in any subject or topic and learn from anywhere you can.

5. Don’t Cross The Boundaries Of Your Syllabus

Instead of going for the thick reference books, you should focus more on your NCERT books, because these are made in accordance with your syllabus and will help you in scoring more percentages.

You can go for the reference books if you are thinking about clearing some competitive-level examinations, but if your focus is only on scoring above 90% at the moment, then just stick to your NCERT. Once you get your concepts cleared from the NCERT, then after that you can opt for other reference books and go into the deep studying of the subject.

But if you want to score well, particularly in the board exams, then you should only focus on your NCERT textbooks. As everything that comes in the board exams is from the textbook syllabus only.

6. Maintain The Cleanliness In Your Answer Sheet

To get a score near 90%, you need to do a lot of other things that you never even thought about. Like focusing on your writing and the cleanliness of your answer sheet, just with good handwriting and an attractive answer sheet, you can increase your percentage by a lot.

Use black and blue pen for neat and clean headings and decorate your answer sheet like you decorate yourself. This is one of the most easy to score board exam tips and tricks, Before appearing for the board exams practice at your home and try to improve your handwriting if possible.

You can take advice from other students whom you know have good handwriting and those who know how to present a perfect answer sheet etc.

7. Don’t Go Easy On The “Easy” Subjects

Easy-scoring subjects like Hindi and English are often ignored by students and are given very focus. You should know that these subjects are the real percentage boosters and will help you in achieving your aim of scoring 90% and above.

If a student can score more than 90 or 95 in these subjects, then his/her percentage will take a great hike and they will be awestruck, as to how helpful can these scoring subjects be in increasing the overall percentage.

Most of the time students ignore these subjects and as a result when they score less in it they can see a lot of decrement in their total percentage, even after scoring good marks in other subjects like maths and science, etc. So, don’t underestimate these subjects and focus on them a little more.

8. The Night Before

Now, you all might be thinking that the night before the exam is the most important night and to score good marks you should revise everything that you have studied the whole year and not even catch a sigh of breath on that day, well that’s where you are wrong.

The night before the main exam is actually supposed to be a very relaxing and chilling night. In fact, the whole day before the exam should be a very relaxing time, don’t get worried and start turning the pages of your notes, etc.

Keep calm and have a nice healthy meal, sleep well, and prepare the focus of your mind and body for the exam day. Don’t start any new topic on that day, as it will only confuse you and you tend to forget other important things that you have learned before.

This is very easy to say than actually do it, as I myself have been through this stage. But this trick really does help, I can tell you all of this from my experience. Make sure that you sleep well and early, and wake up fresh and chilled out on the examination day.

9. Exam Day’s Do’s And Don’ts

Start the exam day by waking up early and start with a brief revision of the subject. If any topic is left untouched, then let it be and don’t think about studying it at that time, because doing that will confuse you even more and you can forget most of what you have studied.

Some do’s and don’ts of the exam day are mentioned below.

Sr. No. Do’s Don’ts
1. Wake up early and do a brief revision Don’t start a new topic on the day of the exam.
2. Relax your mind and get a healthy and light breakfast. Don’t revise on your way to the exam center.
3. Prepare for the exam day by carrying an extra pen and scale etc. Don’t discuss anything with anyone before the exam.

10. The Exam Time

When you reach the exam hall, there’s a very different kind of mixed feeling of both happiness and nervousness. Before you receive the question paper you get very nervous and then when you get the paper, you are afraid to even look at it. But there is nothing to be afraid of, as soon as you get the question paper just go through each and every question at least twice and read the carefully and analyse how much you know.

After reading the paper, Start writing the answers. But start attempting the questions which carry the highest marks weightage. This is one of the most important board exam tips and tricks, and will help you in achieving accuracy while solving the paper.

It is the most common advice from everyone to first attempt the high marks questions, this is done because if you first attempt the high marks questions then even if there is very little time left after the paper you can easily attempt the one-mark question because they won’t take much time and you will finish your paper in time and with perfect accuracy.

If you are stuck in any question then leave it for later and first attempt the questions that you are pretty sure of. This will save you a lot of time. One more advice that I would like to add here is that attempt each and every question even if you are not sure of the answer, just don’t leave anything blank.

11. After Finishing The Exam

After you are done with your exam, don’t be in a hurry to leave the exam hall. You have been given one whole year to prepare for this day, so giving some extra minutes to your answer sheet won’t be a big problem.

After you are done with your work, go through the paper twice and thrice and as many times as you can and look for any mistakes, you will surely find some.

Try to make your answer sheet look beautiful, as it will attract the teacher who will check the copies and this could be an extra advantage to your percentage increment.

Don’t leave the exam hall till the last second and keep reviewing your work, who knows you may even remember the answer that you were worried about.

So, these are some ways that will surely help you to score 90% and above in your board exams and make your dream come true. but it is not as easy as it looks, you just have to be determined to do it the other most important thing is that before starting the preparations if possible, disconnect yourself from social networking sites and mobiles etc. or you can limit it’s use to the minimum, because these things can prove to be very time consuming and take a lot of your time without you even knowing about it.

So, if you are planning on scoring above 90% in your board exams, then you should be ready to sacrifice some of your comforts and leisure activities. As you know and probably might have heard about the saying that “Good things don’t come easy”. So, it will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice to achieve it, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

All the best and prepare well for your exams.