April 27, 2022

CBSE 10th NCERT Solution – All Subject

Students get very agitated and worried when their exams approach slowly towards them, especially in the case of class 10th boards. This is the first time when they face the pressure and tension of the board exams. We understand that and so we are always trying to provide you with everything which will help you in passing your exams and obtain a good percentage. In this article, you will be provided with the CBSE 10th ncert solution chapter-wise for all the subjects.

Social Science

CBSE 10th NCERT Solution – All Subject

NCERT textbooks are the best option for the preparation for board exams, and if you want to score the best in your CBSE boards then you need to make NCERT your all-time companion. This is because the board exams and their blueprint is set according to the NCERT textbooks and nothing comes from outside the syllabus in the CBSE board exams.

You can check the blueprint and syllabus for all the subjects for class 10th below:

Class 10th blueprint and syllabus 

There is a detailed description of how the syllabus is arranged and what is the weightage of marks for each chapter of each subject in the above link. This is also very important to know and helps in the easy and planned preparation for your studies.

The chapter-wise solution for each and every subject is the most important and beneficial thing for all the students, as then you will have the fully solved NCERT with you and this will help you in preparing well for your boards easily with your own cbse chapter wise class 10th notes.

Below, we will have a look at the subject-wise solution of NCERT.

#CBSE 10th NCERT Solution – Maths

Practicing maths should be done from the very beginning. To get perfect in it, solving the exercises of each chapter in the NCERT will be the most beneficial for all the students. Here, we provide you the solution so that if you get stuck somewhere while solving, then you can always check the solutions for getting a better idea or technique to solve these questions.

Download Now – Class 10th Maths NCERT Solution

#CBSE 10th NCERT Solution – Science

Science can be a little tricky at times for some students, subjects included in science are physics, chemistry, and biology. These subjects can be difficult or easy, all depends on your level of understanding and we also provide you the ncert solution chapter wise.

This will help in good preparation for the board exams and will make the subject easy for you and also clear your doubt about any question at the same time.

Download Now – Class 10th Science NCERT Solution

#CBSE 10th NCERT Solution – Social Science

To keep up with the syllabus of social science, students need to get familiar with the subject in deep and for that, they should start early because of the vast syllabus. The ncert textbook is enough to get good marks in your board examination.

There are total 3 books for class 10th social science, such as:

  1. India and the Contemporary World-II
  2. Democratic Politics-II
  3. Understanding Economic Development

So, using the cbse 10th ncert solution you can get a head start and revise the subjects easily. The syllabus of Social Science is vast but can be done if started early and solving ncert exercises.

Download Now – Class 10th Social Science NCERT Solution

#CBSE 10th NCERT Solution – English

The subject which is said to be the most marks scoring subject is English, it is important to score in this subject because it can increase your total percentage by a great margin. There are 2 ncert books of English, named:

  1. Footprints without feet
  2. First Flight

The solution for both the ncert English books is given here, which will help with your revision and will also help you to resolve your mistakes easily.

#CBSE 10th NCERT Solution – Hindi

Hindi is very similar to English in many ways because both are language subjects and scoring too. You can use these subjects to increase your percentage, the syllabus however is not too vast and is basically not that difficult.

There are 2 books for class 10th Hindi subject, named:

  1. Kshitij
  2. Kritika
Chapter-Wise NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Hindi

The solution for these ncert books is available here and could be of great help in scoring better marks and the overall percentage.

These were all the ncert textbook solutions for each and every chapter of all the subjects for class 10th cbse. If you want to score more than 90% in your exams but are not confident enough, please do visit the link below:

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