December 28, 2023

CBSE 12th NCERT Solutions – Science/Commerce/Arts All Subjects

CBSE 12th NCERT Solutions – Physics, Chemistry, Math, Accountancy, Biology, English, Business studies: While preparing for the board exams, the students are not sure most of the time about what topics to study and which book to study them from. There are a lot of books available now and students just can’t figure out that from which book they should study to get good marks. To clear this confusion, we are here to tell you that the NCERT books provided to you by the schools are more than enough to score good marks. Here you will be given the cbse 12th ncert solution for each and every chapter and it’s exercises, this will help you in easily practising the subject and will make your revision better.

Business studies
Political science

CBSE 12th NCERT Solutions – All Subjects

You cannot get a better book than NCERT, if you want to score good in your board exams. The exam pattern and the question paper is set according to the ncert books and so there is hardly any chance of any question coming from out of the syllabus. So, using the solved ncert books, a person can easily prepare for their exams and can achieve a good score.

In this article, we will provide you the solution for the ncert textbooks for all the subjects of all the streams, whether you are from science background or commerce or arts. We have all the solved ncert’s for you, so go ahead and check them all out.

You can check the syllabus and blueprint for class 12th on the link given below:

Blueprint for class 12th (All Streams)

Having a good idea about the syllabus and blueprint is important, as it gives you the basic idea about the subject and it’s content and helps you in planning and preparing well and so in a way you also have the solved cbse chapter wise class 12th notes, so that’s an extra added benefit.

Now, below we will see all the solved ncert according to the streams and the subjects included in it.

NCERT Solutions For Science (PCMB) Stream

The science stream is said to be the most difficult one out of all the other streams(although everyone has their different views about it), from the vast syllabus to the difficult derivations and the time consuming numerical, everything is there. So, to ease it all you can take help from our solved NCERT textbooks, it is important as you will be provided all the solutions which will be helpful in your board exams.

So, let’s take a look at the solved ncert of science stream for CBSE class 12th.

Class 12th Maths NCERT Solution

For class 12th Mathematics,if you want to score good in your boards, ncert is the best book to practice from. If you are preparing for competitions, then you can refer to other books but finishing ncert should always be your first priority.

There are two NCERT books for 12th class maths, which are:

  1. Mathematics Part – I
  2. Mathematics Part – II

The solution provided here will be from these two NCERT books. So, stick to your ncert and practice it as many times as you can, cause only then you can get better at it.

Download Here – 12th Maths NCERT solution

Class 12th Physics NCERT Solution

The ncert of physics is very interesting, along with the activities it basically covers all the topics clearly with proper explanation. Having a good command over the Physics ncert can prove to be very important and helpful in scoring good marks. With the solved ncert, it will become more easier for you to study and that is what we will provide you here.

There are two ncert books for class 12th Physics, and those are:

  1. Physics Part – I
  2. Physics Part – II

Download Here – 12th Physics NCERT solution

Class 12th Chemistry NCERT Solution

Chemistry can be very mind boggling at times, but the ncert makes it much easy to understand and solve. With proper explanation, ncert makes it much more exciting and on top of it if you get the solved ncert’s, then you can even check your answers and increase your practice speed.

There are two books of chemistry for class 12th cbse as well, which are:

  1. Chemistry – I
  2. Chemistry – II

Download Here – 12th Chemistry NCERT solution

Class 12th Biology NCERT Solution

Biology is mostly about remembering the terminologies, now some students might have problem with remembering things for which the only solution is to practice more and more, especially from your ncert textbooks this is because the ncert textbooks are syllabus oriented and good for scoring marks in boards.

There is only one ncert Biology book available for 12th class cbse. Give a little time to the subject and study it from the cbse 12th solved ncert books and over the time you will get good at the subject.

Download Here – 12th Biology NCERT solution

Class 12th English NCERT Solution

The English subject is known as the subject which can help you score good and increase your overall percentage, but don’t take it lightly as it can also be the reason for decrement in the percentage. Use the solved ncert for your preparation and score the best.

The two ncert books for 12th class cbse are:

  1. Flamingo
  2. Vistas

Download Here – 12th English NCERT solution

NCERT Solutions For Commerce Stream

The vast syllabus of commerce is enough to make a person give up. But you don’t have to give up, just focus on your ncert and the solutions provided here, you can then easily score good. Keep your practice and focus from the start to be familiar with the concepts and eventually to get better marks.

Class 12th Accounts NCERT Solution

Accounts is said to be the most difficult subject in the commerce stream, and getting perfect in it is not that easy and you need a good and continuous practice to get better at it and score good marks, which you can do using our solved ncert cbse 12th ncert solution.

The two books provided by ncert to the 12th class cbse students, are:

  1. Accountancy Part – I
  2. Accountancy Part – II

Download Here – 12th Accountancy NCERT solution

Class 12th Economics NCERT Solution

Economics as you all know is related to the development and transferring of wealth or related to the money flow. It consists of two parts i.e. Macro economics and macroeconomics, the solutions for both are provided here.

There are two ncert books for economics of class 12th students, which are:

  1. Introductory Microeconomics
  2. Introductory Macroeconomics

Download Here – 12th Economics NCERT solution

Class 12th Business Studies NCERT Solution

Everything related to the business, management and finance etc. is there in the subject. NCERT books provided by cbse are enough to score a good percentage in this subject, these solved ncert will work as cbse chapter wise class 12th notes and will be very helpful for the board preparation.

The books for business studies are:

  1. Business Studies – I
  2. Business Studies – II

Download Here – 12th Business Studies NCERT solution

NCERT Solutions For Arts Stream

Arts is again a very interesting stream with subjects like history, geography, political science etc. To get perfect in all these you don’t need to learn or cram up the book, just studying them like a story book will help. The solved ncert books helps a lot in making your performance for the exams better.

Class 12th Political Science NCERT Solution

Political science familiarises the students with international politics and Indian politics. It tells the students about how the past was and how it transformed into the present. The solved ncert will give you a head start for your preparation and make it easy.

NCERT provides two books for the subject, which are:

  1. Contemporary World Politics
  2. Political Science – II

Download Here – 12th Political Science NCERT solution

Class 12th History NCERT Solution

As you all know it very well that history is the study of the past, in your syllabus it teaches you about the previous civilisations and how the people used to live in earlier times. To know about the chapter in more detail and to score good marks use cbse 12th solved ncert and make your studying easy.

The three books of history are named as:

  1. Themes in Indian History – I
  2. Themes in Indian History – II
  3. Themes in Indian History – III

Download Here – CBSE 12th History NCERT solution

Class 12th Geography NCERT Solution

The cbse class 12th Geography includes the topics and syllabus related to the environmental and social aspects of the world. The solved ncert gives the students a proper guidance on what is important and relevant according to the syllabus, the solved ncert proves as an extra added help which will give you a quick access to understand your mistake and study properly.

The 3 books for Geography are:

  1. Fundamentals Of Human Geography
  2. Practical work in Geography Part – II
  3. India – People and Economy

Download Here – 12th Geography NCERT solution

Class 12th Hindi NCERT Solution

This is another language subject which can improve your total grades. NCERT provides you enough material which can help you in scoring good marks. The solution of NCERT provided here will be an added benefit for your preparation.

The books of 12th class Hindi provided by NCERT are:

  1. Antra
  2. Aroh
  3. Vitan
  4. Antral Bhag 2

Download Here – 12th Hindi NCERT solution

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