March 24, 2022

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions For All Chapters

One can either love mathematics or just hate it, there are few people who are in the middle. Such is the nature of maths. If you are a fan of maths, then you just can’t resist the temptation to solve more problems. Though NCERT gives plenty of questions and examples, for maths lovers they are just not enough. Enters RS Aggarwal, a book to satisfy your hunger for maths problems. Here you can download the class 10 maths RS Aggarwal solutions.

Not only for maths lovers but for those students who are preparing for entrance exams, this book is a must. Not only it will help you to prepare for competitive exams, but it will guarantee a good percentage in board exams (given that you sincerely practice all questions from this book).

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions

The official title of the book is ‘Secondary School Mathematics for Class 10’, but students hardly know this book by its title. It is rather known by the co-author of the book i.e Dr. RS Aggarwal. You will be amazed to know that this book actually has two authors, the name of the other author is Veena Aggarwal. The name of both authors is printed on the cover of the book (if you ever notice).

Books Details

Class 10 maths RS Aggarwal book details
Title Secondary School Mathematics for Class 10
Author Dr. RS Aggarwal & Veena Aggarwal
Publication Bharti Bhawan (P & D)
Printed price (paperback) Rs. 595.00
E-book price NA
Lowest price (paperback) Rs. 510.00 (on Amazon)
ISBN 9789388704519

Who are RS Aggarwal & Veena Aggarwal?

Despite their books being such a hit among students, these two authors are still a mystery to solve. There is not a single piece of information about them on the internet. The fact that these authors are not just limited to secondary school books and yet no one knows about them is very disappointing. The only thing we could dig about them over the internet was the full name of RS Aggarwal and that too is not 100% clear.

Radhe Shyam Aggarwal is the only name that will show up if you search for the full name of RS Aggarwal. Though some people on the internet claim that this is the name of the author, it is not clear.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions

Scoring high percentile in class 10th board exam, preparing for competitive exam, or just for fun, whatever the reason, this book will satisfy all your needs. It is an all-in-one combo for students who are interested in maths or improving it. Following are some key factors that make it one of the most famous books for Xth maths.

  • This book follows the simple approach of first explaining a topic via good examples and then giving questions to solve.
  • Both examples and questions are given for all levels i.e from easy to hard. This makes it the perfect choice for all types of students.
  • If there is a question that has been asked in previous board exams or other competitive exams, then the year and the exam name are written in front of that question, so that readers could easily spot the important questions according to their needs.
  • Respecting the importance of NCERT, this book covers all its problems so that students do not miss any important questions.
  • The unique selling point or USP of this book is the dedicated chapters for important topics. In the class 10th syllabus, there are only 15 chapters, but this book has a total of 19 chapters in it. They made a separate chapter for all those topics that are important not only from the board exam perspective but from competitive exams as well.

Note: The chapter sequence and numbering for class 10th maths RS Aggarwal are different from NCERT. But, they have covered all the topics and chapters from the syllabus. So, don’t get confused when you look at the index of this book.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions

This is a great book for students who wish to excel in maths. But, the quantity of questions in this book is enormous, and for some to solve all questions, it will take a big chunk of time. If you have a good amount of time then you should definitely go for this book.

Who should practice from RS Aggarwal?

Time is a key factor here, if you are just a few months away from your board exams, then it will not be a wise decision to spend money on this book as your focus should be to complete the NCERT book first. Once you are through the syllabus book, then perhaps you can go for this refresher.

Since this book covers questions of all levels, therefore, it can be said this book is perfect for students of all levels. So, if you are not short on time and it is just the beginning of your session then do go for it. If you already own this book but have less time, then practice only those questions which are important.

For students who have opted for math basic in class 10th and have no plans to take maths for higher classes, there is no point in investing in this book as the questions that matter is already covered in NCERT. If you still feel like you have to practice extra, then go for the exemplar e-book which is free to download.

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Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 1 Real numbers

For real numbers, there are 4 exercises for students to practice. Following are the details of chapter 1. Exercise 1A – 7 questions, 1B – 24 questions, 03 questions, 1D – 11 questions, 1E – 23 questions, MCQ – 26 questions, FA – 20 questions.

In this chapter, the questions will be based on Euclid’s division lemma and other topics. They are considered to be the founding stone for topics that students will face in higher classes. Students must pay special attention to these topics.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 2 Polynomials

Following are the details of the exercises and the number of questions in them. Exercise 2A – 21 questions, 2B – 19 questions, 2C – 25 questions, MCQ – 28 questions, FA – 20 questions. A total of 113 questions are given to practice for polynomials from different topics like division algorithms for polynomials.

Polynomial is an integral part of algebra, and in-class 10th the main focus is on finding solutions for a polynomial equation using a division algorithm.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 3 Linear equations in two variables

Exercise 3A – 29 questions, 3B – 50 questions, 3C – 13 questions, 3D – 31 questions, 3E – 53 questions, 3F – 21 questions, MCQ – 26 questions, FA – 20 questions. There is a total of 243 questions to practice from chapter 3.  Students will need a lot of time to go through all the questions from this chapter.

The concept of solving the linear equations in two variables using different methods like substitution, elimination, cross-multiplication, etc. is introduced in this chapter.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 4 Triangles

Usually, you will see this chapter coming on number 6 in other books, but in this book, the author understands the importance of this chapter and has therefore introduced it early. Here are the details of chapter 4, Exercise 4A – 13 questions, 4B – 19 questions, 4C – 13 questions, 4D – 22 questions, 4E – 30 questions, MCQ – 54 questions, FA – 20 questions.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 5 Trigonometric Ratios

This is originally the part of the chapter ‘introduction to trigonometry’. Since students are introduced to the branch of trigonometry, therefore NCERT has named the chapter as such, but in this book, the author has made trigonometric ratios a separate chapter highlighting its importance of it. Since it is not a chapter in itself, therefore, there is only 1 exercise with 34 questions in it for this chapter.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 6 Trigonometric Ratios of Some Particular Angles

This is gain is just a part of trigonometry, because of which there is only 1 exercise with only 27 questions in it. This chapter explains in detail how one can calculate values of some specific angles that are common in trigonometry.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 7 Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles

Since this is also originally a single topic, therefore, there is a single exercise in it too with just 15 questions to solve. Students may find this chapter hard as this is their first time solving trigonometric problems, but it is important to stay focused and understand it well as failing to do so will cause problems in higher classes.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 8 Trigonometric Identities

Exercise 8A – 37 questions, 8B – 15 questions, 8C – 40 questions, MCQ – 53 questions, FA – 20 questions. Just like the above 3 chapters, this chapter is also part of trigonometry, but the vastness of this chapter can be predicted by the number of exercises given in this book. There is a total of 165 questions for this chapter alone.

In this chapter, you will learn how to solve trigonometric problems using different trigonometric identities or formulas. These identities are very important as many chapters in higher classes are based on these identities.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 9 Mean, Median, Mode of Grouped Data, Cumulative Frequency Graph, and Ogive

Basically, they have included all the important topics in the title of this chapter. Exercise 9A – 29 questions, 9B – 14 questions, 9C – 10 questions, 9D – 07 questions, 9E – 10 questions, 9F – 22 questions, MCQ – 31 questions, FA – 22 questions.

With 6 exercises, MCQ, and formative assessment, this chapter has as many as 145 questions for students to practice.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 10 Quadratic Equations

Ideally, this chapter should have been on no. four, but since the author decided to bring it later in the book, here it is at no. ten. Exercise 10A – 73 questions, 10B – 16 questions, 10C – 36 questions, 10D – 22 questions, 10E – 71 questions, 10F – 55 questions.

If we combine the questions of all 7 exercises then we will get a total of 273 questions for this chapter.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 11 Arithmetic Progression

This too like trigonometry is a new concept to students, and maybe this is why it is considered one of the toughest topics in class Xth maths. Exercise 11A – 47 questions, 11B – 13 questions, 11C – 25 questions, 11D – 48 questions, MCQ – 30 questions.

A total of 163 questions are given in this book for this chapter. Try to solve as many as you can, because this one will get harder in the next class. Therefore, it’s better to keep the basics clean.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 12 Circles

Unlike AP (arithmetic progression), the circle is something that students are very familiar with. But this does not mean that you should take it lightly. The circle is and will always remain an important part of geometry. Following are the details of this chapter.

Exercise 12A – 16 questions, 12B – 14 questions, MCQ – 55 questions, FA – 20 questions. Total questions – 105

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 13 Constructions

Exercise 13A – 10 questions, 13B – 10 questions, FA – 10 questions. As you can see, there are only 2 exercises in this chapter, which means it is one of the shortest chapters in class 10th. In fact, this is one of the easiest and most fun chapters of this class. Make sure to practice is the best you can as it is like a bonus scoring topic, and you do not want to miss the opportunity to add to your total marks.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 14 Heights and Distances

Exercise 14 – 33 questions, MCQ – 25 questions. For this chapter, there is a total of 58 questions to practice, but this does not mean that it is as easy as construction. The name of this chapter in the NCERT book is ‘some applications of trigonometry and comes right after trigonometry. But, for some reason, the author gave it at number 14 in this book.

You will learn how to implement the knowledge of trigonometry in real life in this chapter, which makes this chapter an important one.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 15 Probability

Probability is one of the fastest-growing branches of mathematics. Now than ever, this topic has gotten more valuable in the era of digital computing. If you wish to pursue a career in computer science, then probably is a must for you.

Exercise 15A – 35 questions, 15B – 25 questions, MCQ – 37 questions. There are a total of 97 questions in this chapter.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 16 Coordinate Geometry

With topics like distance formula, section Formula, and area of a triangle, coordinate geometry is one of the easiest lessons in this class. The question-solving process may be a bit long for most of the questions in this chapter, but they are easy to solve.

Exercise 16A – 32 questions, 16B – 34 questions, 16C – 22 questions, 16D – 17 questions, MCQ – 34 questions. A total of 139 questions are given for coordinate geometry.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 17 Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures

This chapter is actually the part of ‘Surface area and volumes of solids’ which is given at the end of the book. But, there are 2 exercises, MCQ and formative assessment that make the total of 97 questions for this chapter, meaning that this is a crucial topic and students should give it equal attention. Exercise 17A – 20 questions, 17B – 37 questions, MCQ – 20 questions, FA – 20 questions.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 18 Area of Circle, Sector, and Segment

This again is part of the chapter ‘circle’, but the questions in this chapter are 157. Following are the details of this chapter, Exercise 18A – 51 questions, 18B – 60 questions, MCQ – 26 questions, FA – 20 questions.

Students must give a good amount of time to this topic if they wish to crack competitive exams.

Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 19 Volume and Surface Area of Solids

This is the last chapter of class 10 maths RS Aggarwal solutions. It has 4 exercises from which there is a total of 227 questions combined with MCQ and formative assessment. From a competitive exam point of view, this chapter is of big importance. Therefore, it becomes very important to devote the right efforts and time to this chapter.

Hope you liked our article on Class 10 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions. If you have any doubt regarding this article then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We are glad to assist you. All the best for your upcoming board exams.

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