September 25, 2023

What is Olympiad?

Olympiad is a type of competitive exam that is conducted all over the country which lets the students compete with other students at the same education level. These types of examinations encourage students to learn skills in subjects such as mathematics, science, computer technology, or the English language. In addition, Olympiad award holders are often offered a competitive edge in terms of applying to higher courses of study, so they are very useful for your future studies.

These exams are very beneficial for the student as they enhance their learning ability, logical reasoning, and scientific ability of the students. These exams are conducted for the students of class 1 to class 12. So, if you are looking for complete information on Olympiad exams then you are at the right place. Read the full article and you can learn more interesting things about Olympiad.

Olympiad 2024

This test will help you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses based on your performance in the nationwide or international level exams. It enhances your knowledge and your confidence to improve yourself academically. Such exams give you a chance to explore yourself, as you may have a hidden talent for problem-solving and analytical thinking that you are not aware of.

These exams are conducted on the basis of the school curriculum of CBSE, ICSE, and other major state boards and are conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting scientific temper among students. works for. However, these exams are conducted globally and the level of questions asked is higher compared to regular school exams.

List of previous Olympiad achievers

For clear information, we provide you the table below, the number of applicants who have been able to get good positions in the last few years.

Student Name Olympiad Rank
Gunjan Aggarwal EGMO Indian Team Selection
Anushka Aggarwal
Amritavarshini IMO
Saksham Saxena IMO 1st
Elvina NSO 2nd
Bidya P IGKO 3rd
Samridh Gupta IMO
Mitul K H IMO
Vaibhav Bajaj International Chemistry Olympiad AIR-26 (OCS Camp)
Pushpraj Punia International Biology Olympiad AIR-16 (OCS Camp)

Eligibility Criteria

In this section, we provide you the brief information about the eligibility criteria. Olympiad exam, however, Olympiad is conducted at two 2 levels i.e. Level 1 and Level 2. Let us briefly discuss these levels in this section.

Level-1: Students from classes 1 to 12 can appear for this also there is no criterion for the minimum marks obtained by the students in their academics.

Level-2: Only those students who score well in level 1 are eligible for the Olympiad exam level 2. The top 5% of students from each class who attempted level 1 are eligible for level 2 of this exam. Also, the top 25 rank holders from each region attempting Level 1 are eligible. Read more.


These awards are about recognition and respect more than any kind of monetary value. Olympiads are awarded various awards based on the rank obtained in the examination. Some of them are mentioned below but for complete details, you have to click here.

Sr. No. Olympiad Awards
1 NSO Up to INR 50,000 + Gold medal + Certificate of Outstanding Performance
2 NCO Up to INR 50,000 + Gold medal + Certificate of Outstanding Performance
3 IMO Up to INR 50,000 + Gold medal + Certificate of Outstanding Performance

Olympiad 2024 Answer Key, Result, Cut Off

In this section, we are providing a little brief information about the answer key, exam results, and cut-off for Olympiad 2024.


All the results of this exam are released online on the official website. You can check your NSO Result 2021-22 through the official website of NSO. The results are also sent to the schools, which contain a participation certificate along with the Student Performance Report (SPR).

Answer Key

These will be released by the foundation on the official NSO website for all the sets. You must check the answer key and calculate your expected marks before the results. However, the answer key for Level 2 will be released within 2 weeks of the exam.


Only the students who will secure the cutoff marks will be called to appear in the NSO Level 2 exam. The cutoff marks vary due to various factors like the number of applications, the number of students who appeared in the exam, the difficulty level of the question paper, and the number of seats available.


In this section, we are going to brief you about the registration process for the Olympiad exam. You can contact your school as the school provides the registration form for the students to fill out from classes 1-12. Also, there are several ways to register for these exams through in-person and online payment options. You can also register through the nearest center. After filling the form offline or online, you will be notified to all the students by the exam dates. If you want to know the complete information regarding this then click here.

Benefits of Olympiad

We provide you with some benefits of the olympiad in this section, you can check why you should take this particular exam.

  • Olympiads give a boost to your reasoning and problem-solving abilities.
  • It will help you to assess your many capabilities and have a better idea of your potential.
  • This exam will challenge your intellect in such a way that it promotes a deeper understanding of scientific facts.
  • With the help of this exam, you will understand your strong and weak topics in the subject.
  • This type of competition provides you with a different level of exposure on the national as well as international platforms.
  • Your performance in school is also improved through this exam.
  • These exams will prove to be very helpful for your future competitive exams by testing a student’s aptitude as well as knowledge of a particular subject.


Lastly, the general objective of these Olympiads is to identify and nurture future scientists, technologists, and IT talents at the school level. Olympiad exams are very helpful towards the intellectual and academic development of any student. When a child appears in the Olympiad exam, he/she gets only zero defects through this exam. This is a great way to increase the overall knowledge of the student and will not cause you any mental stress.

Hope you liked our article on What is the Olympiad? If you have any doubt regarding this article then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We are glad to assist you. All the best for your upcoming board exams.

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